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Weed firm 2 cheats

weed firm 2 cheats

We did mention aliens briefly above, and yes, they also play a part in this game.
Benefits Of A Full Respect Meter.Buying a Safe for Cheap.Make it Rain in the iTunes App Chart on weekend.So instead of trying it hard you should just move on and finish other quest for rewards.Dont worry we are hoping that in every update there will be massive changes and that will make this quest glitch will be removed.I believe that Marys painting is not cheap at all so you can do here the discount trick that we mentioned above to cut the price of the painting from 7, 000 cash to 3, 500 cash.We already mentioned about getting a joint with other characters will let you earn their favors.If you are serious in this game, we are also on that line of sharing different perspectives that we can use to dominate this game just like how we share points with other applications.Well not only with aliens and XP but you can also do it in protecting your plants against cop.This tactic will sometimes greatly up-sell your client, but sometimes it backfires.For you to use those premium items you need to gain experience levels and once you unlocked them you need to pay for it using your money for you to grow more weed.
You Have To Smoke With Your Customers.
Get the universal translator from Veluna Mankasian, and you will be able to understand kelly rowland talk a good game ft kevin cossom what the aliens are saying.
For instance, blinds are available to purchase upon reaching level six, this upgrade will help you hide your operation from cops.
Here you can place your money as well as weed so it will be protected from gangsters.
Growing your plants is a tedious task, but it must get done.
You will be able to tell them to buzz off and they wont have anything to steal.
These items happen to be useful, such as the safe, which allows you to keep your money from gangsters hands, and the fake growers license, which could prevent Malone from being too much trouble for you.G0 for long music.Pages:, see More Breaking News.So lets the big waves begin:.From there you can get a base amount of 4 XP points apiece.Make sure you have a sufficient amount of water so youll be able to fully complete the growing process all in one shot.Paying the Gangsters, dont miss the gangsters: if you dont pay them, they will rob you.You can experience Naomi buying lots from you upon getting joint with her.Thanks for this cheat and now you dont need to bother with gangsters anymore.If you are not fan of dealing with gangsters here is the trick to rid them off, after you plant and grows your crops just pause the game or you can minimize it or you can entirely close the apps and the crops will continue.Bob Rastaman : 25 of the time Bob will decide to buy more, and when he does he typically increases the amount by a lot.Keep enough cash on hand in case they show.