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Tom clancy's ghost recon pc walkthrough mission 2

tom clancy's ghost recon pc walkthrough mission 2

A Good Start: Completed the first mission "Amaru's rescue".
Throw 1-2 flashbangs to windows 7 home premium activator 64 bit blind them, run in, and quickly place the mine.
Now before you start tossing lead, be aware that the second you fire on the group, hit or miss, there is another patrol to the West that will join them immediately.
9MM C1: It is found in nod32 serial username password update Remanzo.The location is a bit south from the sniper rifle location in the Monte Puncu region.Spas-12: It is found in La Cruz.Two of them are in the Itacua region.M1891: It is found in La Cruz.Spice of Life: Played each type of side mission.There are four soldiers who walk the perimeter of the camp and three within the camp grounds two of which that carry a Machine Gun and Grenade Launcher for the last.
Mk 17: It is found in Flor De Oro.
There are a bunch of guard towers with snipers inside.
Dragunov: It is found in Villa Verde.
P12: It is found in Tabacal.
Watch the rockline carefully as you run for enemies.
To make this a little easier, throw a Diversion Lure first.LMGs MG121: It is found in Itacua.El Obsequio: Defeat El Pulpo in Barvechos.Handguns.7 USG: It is found in Ocoro.Both lead into the cave system and both hold one outside sentry as well as two solders inside each path.After pressing the button, four rockets are launched straight at you.Old Papa has a crack shot sniper on the left near the sandbags who is just itching to take out your chaturbate token hack generator 2013 entire team.