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System administrator interview questions and answers

system administrator interview questions and answers

What are the benefits of using gpmc?
Computer Configuration, User ConfigurationName.You need to view at network traffic.Forests, trees, and domains are the logical divisions in an Active Directory network.Ldap (Light-Weight Directory Access Protocol) determines how an object in an Active Directory should be named.In order to download your emails, you must have the correct settings configured in your email client program.The main email ports are: POP3 port 110 imap port 143 smtp port 25 http port 80 Secure smtp (ssmtp) port 465 Secure imap (imap4-SSL) port 585 imap4 over SSL (imaps) port 993 Secure POP3 (SSL-POP) port 995 Q: What do Forests, Trees, and Domains.This allows users to access resources by computer name instead of by IP address.Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol assigns dynamic IP addresses to network devices allowing them to have a different IP address each time they are connected to the network.In comparision, FAT32 offers none of what was mentioned above, and also has a maximum file (not folder) size of 4GB, which is kind of small these days, especially in regards to HD video.Can you have a Microsoft-based network without any wins server on it?First the computer looks up the destination host.
In Windows 2003 routing, what are the interface filters?
It actively monitors when you are using your system for any virus threat from different sources.
With this article I hope to help candidates in preparing program do sciagania muzyki bearshare 5.2.5 for an interview for a system administrator position in a Microsoft multi-user computing environment.
What could you do to make us more profitable?Create the file.zap extension.We also dislike brain teasers.What is the bootp protocol used for, where might you find it in Windows network infrastructure?Explain event viewer in Windows server?Q: What is Group Policy?How do I work with the Host name cache on a client computer?Highlight a recent experience to underscore your diagnostic process and expertise.Highlight ways you kept applications and services available during the process, such as migrating workloads off of troubled server hardware.If you do not use wins in such a network, you cannot connect to a remote network resource by using its Netbios name.In Windows Server 2008, backup of dhcp database and settings has gotten simpler.A guest system (guest operating system) is a virtual guest or virtual machine (VM) that is installed under the host operating system.Put a practical spin on your conversation by citing specific monitoring and management tools like SolarWinds, ManageEngine and Nagios.