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Subtitle the heirs episode 13

subtitle the heirs episode 13

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Some stories are best told quietly, and.
But as he holds her, she collapses against him.And Grandma gave her so, so much love that she didnt have a hard time.And Marriage Contract does that.Hye-soo puts makeup on for the party, and Ji-hoon tells her shes pretty without.He pulls her to her feet and kisses her, to the groups applause.Hye-soo cups his face acronis universal restore iso in her hands and cajoles him for crying when he promised just now not.Its a merry party and when its speech-time, Ji-hoon admits he feels a bit guilty for turning out like a nice guy after being such a jerk of a boss.Hye-soo hustles them to the breakfast table.Eun-sung shows her mom a drawing she made of their family.Young-hee comes to visit Hye-soo at her new place, laden with tons of food.Eun-sung brags to Ji-hoon about what a good cook her mom.
Ji-hoon puts the Promise kitties into a carrier to take to the new house, since Hye-soos getting discharged today.
In voiceover, Ji-hoon says that if anyone were to ask him when the happiest moment of his life was, the answer would always be the same: this moment right now.
They finally get home and Ji-hoon presents Hye-soo with her favorite ddukbokki (whose name he still cant get right, haha which they confess they woke the owner up to get this early.Joo-yeon is priceless as a friend and has always been there for her, but Ji-hoon is different.It could be a year, it could be a month.Now he smiles, and clasping her hand, he thanks her over and over, in a voice so thick with emotion I barely recognize.In the morning, Hye-soo wakes up to an empty bed and an empty house.They roll over until Hye-soo is the one looking down at him.Why are we watching this.She squishes Eun-sung with hugs, and after commissioning a portrait of herself from her (Make grandma pretty!With that steady gaze and unwavering heart, hes her lynch-pin.She attempts to draw on the crown Eun-sung wants her to add for herself, but its too hard to hit the right spot.Final episode recap, ji-hoon lights the candles on his proposal-cake, and Eun-sung sings the bear song with Ho-joon while they all wait for Hye-soo, whos late.In shock, Ji-hoon hesitatingly signs the form and Hye-soo is wheeled into surgery.Statistics, score:.1 (scored by 11,788 users ranked: #610, popularity: #215.