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Sql server service broker external activator

sql server service broker external activator

Service Broker sends notification (queue_activation.
Here is what your configuration file will look like ( C:Program FilesService BrokerExternal nfig.They need to stay open or in conversing to properly dispatch notifications. Microsoft does not make any representation or warranty regarding the ios236 installer mod v6 schema or any product or item developed based on the schema.We recommend max to be set to the number of CPU cores of the machine where External Activator is deployed ( my_pc01 ) to take full advantage of the machine power.In these scenarios you can use external activation, which allows you to process messages outside of the SQL Server process (may be on the same or different machine altogether) context.Then you create an Event Notification for queue_activation event (with.
The max attribute is set to 4, meaning as many as four instances of the same application can be launched if service broker sees my_user_queue are not being drained fast enough (e.g., messages keep accumulating).
Please note I have my notification service in the same database and hence I have used 'current database.' if you have your notification service in another database, then you need to replace 'current database' with the service_broker_guid of the database, which you can find.
SQL Server Service Broker allows for setting up two types of activation, Internal Activation or External Activation.
The question is, does the external activation queue receives an activation message for each message that goes into a queue, the answer.
Thats it for now, good luck troubleshooting external activation!
How to modify external activator configuration file to connect to the notification service you just defined and to launch applications when messages are arriving at your user queues that are being monitored.For more details about how broker activations work, check out Understanding When Activation Occurs of SQL Server Books Online.In my previous couple of articles, I introduced you SQL Server Service Broker, what it is, how it works, what are its different components and how are they related to each other.SQL Server then generates a notification message and sends this to notification service/queue.We have also configured the min attribute of the Concurrency/ element to 1, which means External Activator will launch a single instance of c:testmyMessageReceiver.If your queue in _broker_queue_monitors is in the inactive state and you see your event is in the sys.In the case of my_notif_svc is in another database, 'current database' should be replaced with the broker instance guid where my_notif_svc is defined.