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Sql server 2008 analysis services ebook

sql server 2008 analysis services ebook

Place a checkmark next to the FactFinance table to designate it as a measure group table and click Next.
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(Optional) Ich stimme den Rechtliche Hinweise sowie Datenschutz und Cookies Hallo, 0!If you click No, you will be signed out from the site and will lose any unsaved progress.Measure Every cube will contain one or more measures, each based on a column in a fact table that you d like to analyze.In order for SQL Server Analysis Services to be best able to answer these questions for you, it needs to know which of your dimensions stores the time information, and which fields in your time dimension correspond to what units of time.DimDate CalendarYear CalendarQuarter MonthNumberOfYear DayNumberOfWeek DayNumberOfMonth DayNumberOfYear WeekNumberOfYear FiscalQuarter FiscalYear Table 15-1 Using Table 15-2, add the listed columns to the remaining four dimensions.
Configure your report server, provide security, and monitor report contents.
Figure 15-9 shows the result.
Expand the Fact Finance measure group.
You still need to deploy this structure to an Analysis Services server and then process the cube to create the aggregates that make querying fast and easy.
You can also automate cube updates using SQL Server Integration Services, which you'll learn about in ssis 2008 tutorial.Lernen Sie in Ihrer eigenen Geschwindigkeit und wenn Sie Zeit haben mit On-Demand-Kursen.This might be order detail information, payroll records, drug effectiveness information, or anything else that's amenable to summing and averaging.Creating a New Analysis Services Project To create a new Analysis Services project, you use the New Project dialog box in bids.To create a new Analysis Services project, follow these steps: Select Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio from the Programs menu to launch Business Intelligence Development Studio.The Cube Wizard interactively explores the structure of your data source view to identify the dimensions, levels, and measures in your cube.Your current language is German select to change Es wird nur die Sprache der Webseite geƤndert.Figure 15-3 shows the wizard with all of the tables selected.