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Sengoku basara season 2 episode 2

sengoku basara season 2 episode 2

In Owari, Mitsuhide proposes to Oda a plan to wipe out the remaining factions by allocating an army under his 2 chainz crack livemixtapes command.
Meanwhile, Takeda charges at Hj, forcing him to forge an alliance.
Even though he has good intentions, he is drunk with power and will use any means, no matter how ruthless, to achieve it (though he is still charismatic and caring to his subordinates, unlike Nobunaga).
Yukimura, washed up ashore, is distressed when he is unable to save Takeda.Azai, before dying, forgives Oichi for her deception.However, Keiji survived knock you out bingo players from drowning, persuading them to stop fighting.The One-Eyed Dragon.His weapons are his hands, which can be strengthened with magical arm guards.Still determined for war, Masamune sets out to face Oda head.Ranmaru Mori shows up to aid Mitsuhide, only to be easily defeated by Masamune.Oyamada arrives to get Yukimura, preventing the remnants from attacking him.
Kojr's in Dire Straits!" "Kepp Daigaran!
However, this was a distraction for Mitsuhide to shoot Azai point blank.
He resembles a giant robot and cannot talk.
While considered innocent looking, she has a dark side which can become dangerous once she snaps.
In Kai, Takeda and Masamune that Hideyoshi would face them both if the two form an alliance and attack him.
Eventually during his adventure, his power exceeds causing him to awaken his 'super' mode.Other Clans edit Yoshimoto Imagawa Imagawa Yoshimoto ) Voiced by: Kozo Shioya (Japanese Barry Yandell (English) Imagawa is the daimyo of Suruga.He wields a giant fan.After settling an comatose Takeda in the room of the shieldless armor, Masamune and Kojr discuss with Sasuke their next move against Oda.Unabara o Saku Ha no Gken!" (!!) August 15, 2010 Aboard the Fugaku, Motochika are aware that many villagers were driven out of their land in Shikoku, so he let them know that he will defeat Motonari in no time.However, Oda's operatives kill the decoys, and Imagawa is shot by Oda himself.The Great Fortress Rebuilt.He wields a bladed staff.As a result, Masamune ends up fighting Keiji, who tries to explain that peace will create a world of happiness.Toshiie and Matsu meets with Uesugi, who reveals that a large portion of his army is heading towards Kaga, forcing Toshiie to decide between defeating Uesugi and claim control of Echigo or returning to Kaga and protect his people.He aids Yukimura in leading an assault on Motonari in Satsuma.2, the series' second season, Sengoku Basara II, began broadcast in July 2010, replacing.The third series is based on the video game.As an enraged Kojr still has the strength to fight, despite being weakened by the poisoned incense, Hisahide dispatches his bomb squad.