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Sa-mp map editor 0.3e v1.2

sa-mp map editor 0.3e v1.2

Keys Usage 1: As you enter to server you in free mode, you can use keys.
Make Sure that there is Folder /Maps/Save in ScriptFiles folder.
Object movement is control by keys.
Again pressing C will go to last movement phase you was.Changes, code: Version.3, fixed All bugs, re coded objects related things.Bugs No known bug ATM, Just check out Warning aboves.(A little buggy due to different object sizes).Added Files detection system, if file name will already exist a warning will pop.
Have Any question OR suggestions Post in reply, Thanks Last edited by Shabi RoxX; at 09:35.
List.3c(Not All.3d and.3e Objects mcafee endpoint protection suite advanced data sheet which also show objects.
You can also add objects with.
Friendly user buttons created with Selectable Text draws.
V9IdblHgH3JE/ame DownLoad: version.5 : Click Here Warning: Don't Press Esc key While Text Draw is selected else you will not have access to textdraws.Total 881 Objects In ShowCase, version.1, fix Bug where object will destroy on pressing cancel or select button from objects menu.Export Map as CreateObject, will be in /Maps/.Object Properties/Settings Menu create with text draws that allow you to Change object POS/ROT by entering values and create a duplicate, delete and Go to object access.Object that is currently selected will be red color in created object list.C and going to Object settings, features: Code: Pickup icon above object that is selected.6: Once you are in Test Mode press F to go back to Free Mode.W,A,S and D in different phases/steps which means by pressing.Version.211, fixed a object bug, version.21.1000 Objects Tested, saved/load and export them.4: While you in object movement phase press F to go to free mod.3: Once you created a Object you must Press C to access to object movement.C you will have access to different dimensions movements and rotations.