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Run office 2003 on windows 8.1

run office 2003 on windows 8.1

I installed Outlook 2007 due to a better calendar and added in Word 2007 and Excel 2007 just for kicks, but the install sits beside Office 2003 rather than replaces.
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Haven't tried it under Win 10 - waiting for official release.Now is the time to experiment before the official release so go ahead and install.Reply With", 17:11 #7, word and Excel run just fine.I also run old software, PF2000, Paint Shop 6, Larousse dictionary from W-98, they all run true.No problems with Word and Excel.Reply With", 18:35 #2.Reply With", 08:47 #15 Could I specifically ask whether anyone has tried running a presentation from PowerPoint 2003 (probably SP3) in Windows 10?I don't use Outlook but Office XP runs quite well on my system under Win.1.BATcher milliHelen (unit that quantity of female facial beauty sufficient to launch a single ship Reply With").I would be some surprised if you O2003 would not run in W-10.
Elsewhere in this forum the problem was attributed to a Windows 8 x64 RTM upgrade over, windows 7 x64 that had Office 2003 installed.
Reply With", 15:46 #6, i run Office 2003 and components of Office 2007 on Windows.
Reply With", 11:58 #11 Originally Posted by Berton I put Office 2003 on my Win10 release version without problems.
A consensus is emerging in Windows 8 forums around the net that Office 2003 as a suite or individuals apps therefrom break Windows 8's Update.Be gusty and hope for the best.I just get a spinning icon and a (Not Responding) in the Title bar.I'm certainly hoping it will work but would still be interested to hear from anyone out there who's actually done it?It is conjectured that this may be a 'Certificates' issue with Office 2003.Microsoft Office 2003 64-bit in security for Microsoft Office 2003.They open but then when I try to use the file system, to Open a file or, if I have created one from scratch to Save it, and that's when it dies.Reply With", 09:14 #10, originally Posted by, victor Delta Now that the production version of Windows 10 has been available for almost a month, can anyone comment on how Office 2003 works in practice on it (as opposed to the earlier test builds) and whether.My experience, however, was with a 'clean' install of Windows 8 Pro via TechNet and this has been confirmed in other forums.