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Paste values shortcut in excel 2010

paste values shortcut in excel 2010

Windows Shortcut Keys, key Combination, action.
CtrlShift# Apply the Date format with the day, month, and year.
AltB Apply or remove the bottom border.
ShiftF9 Calculate the active worksheet.Ctrl In a selected row, select the cells that do not match the value in the active cell.CtrlShiftO (letter O) Select all cells that contain comments.F7, spell check selected text and/or document.F11, create chart, ctrl Shift ; Enter the current time, ctrl ; Enter the current date.V alues from this dialog box and click.Shortcut Keys for Borders Shortcut Key Action AltT Apply or remove the top border.Columns A and B of the example spreadsheet both contain numeric values and the Paste Special command is used to subtract the values in column A from the values in column.Paste Special Transpose, you can see, from the above example, that the.Alt; (semicolon) Select the visible cells in the current selection.
CtrlF10 Maximize the window.
Press CtrlPgDn until you arrive at the Border tab.
Ctrl; (semicolon) Enter the date.
F9 Calculate all worksheets in all open workbooks.
AltD Apply or remove the downward diagonal border.Shortcut Keys for Extending Selections Shortcut Key Action F8 Turn Extend mode on or off.CtrlShiftZ When the AutoCorrect smart sketchbook express pc windows 7 tag is displayed, undo or redo the last automatic correction.Copy selected text, ctrl V, paste, ctrl.Press the Ctrl key and, while keeping this pressed down, press the R key copies the contents of a cell or row into the cell(s) to the right.Sum Alt and One of the most common Excel function is sum.In recent versions of Excel (Excel 2010 or later the right click menu and the 'Paste' menu contain 'Paste Special' shortcuts.AltL Apply or remove the left border.Open the Excel formula window, shift F5, bring up search box.AltR Apply or remove the right border.(equal sign) Start a formula.On the Ribbons Home tab, click the lower half of the Paste command, to open the list of options.Esc Cancel an entry in the cell or formula bar.