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Oracle 9i client

oracle 9i client

See your Oracle operating system-specific documentation for information about special and reserved characters on your system.
Partitioned IOTs lose their partitioning information.
Export ignores all characters to the right of the pound sign.Exporting table DEF_destination 0 rows exported.If you want to use an interactive interface to the Export utility, it is recommended that you use the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Export Wizard.You should also game plants vs zombies full version no trial ensure that the file size you specify for Export is supported on the system on which Import will run.The syntax for parameter file specifications is one of the following: parameter value parameter( value ) parameter( value1, value2.
Dat file contains the following: tables(emp) rowsy Command-Line Method exp scott/tiger tablesemp rowsy Export Messages Export: Release.0 - Production on Wed Feb 27 17:01:53 2002 (c) Copyright 2002 Oracle Corporation.
Log File You can capture all Export messages in a log file, either by using the LOG parameter (see LOG ) or, for those systems that permit it, by redirecting the Export output to a file.
Exports in table mode do not include cluster definitions.Flashback_SCN Default: none Specifies the system change number (SCN) that Export will use to enable flashback.To do this, use the Import show parameter.Parameter File Method exp scott/tiger parfileparams.For the exact syntax of this clause, see the user's guide for your Oracle Net protocol.Note: LOB data is not compressed.Functional and domain indexes are not exported.To perform array operations for 100 rows, a buffer size of 5600 should be specified.Exporting table EMP 14 rows exported Current user changed to blake.To move a database to a new location, the database administrator must update the directory aliases to point to the new location.Exporting table DEF_origin 0 rows exported.