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Minecraft register plugin 1.3.1

minecraft register plugin 1.3.1

Commands Actions Permissions /login or /lg To authenticate on login.
Protect players from account stealing by asking.Features: Set a password for each player.lpp-version, displays the author and the plugin version.I have added documenation to my Confluence instance that will be updated over time.Permission, description novisiteur, player with this permissions hasn't kick.
XAuth.6.x, authentication plugin for bukkit powered servers.
Thanks for your work and long time support!
Fix 2 minors bugs.
Custom, highly secure password hashing, authenticate yourself with /login password H2 / mySQL Database storage supported.Later login, the gamemode of player is changed automatically in survival.Update for craftbukkit.4.2.2, version.2.1 : Support Metrics.CurseForge, help, register, sign In, rakamak, x Table of Contents.None /register or /rs To protect your character.It isn't op later login.Let's say you run a community page.Please visit the, github Project-Page and click on, wiki.If you get "command is restricted" you most likely did not check the release log.The plugin kick a "visitor" (this is a player who does not have permission "novisiteur to make room a player has "saved".It is also handwriting fonts for photoshop cs6 possible to get the credentials from a foreign database.This is different from guests since the default for guests is always "restrict" if not set since a guest is an unknown state.Usage: /register thepasswordyouwant to protect your character /login thesamepassword to authenticate on login /changepass currentpassword newpassword to change your password /achangepass player newpassword adminpass to change passwords of others (admin) - angepass /aseepass player adminpass to see passwords of others (admin) - epass /rakaload adminpass.Change the paswwords of others (admin).