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Minecraft ender wand plugin

minecraft ender wand plugin

So if you have custom configs be sure to check that out again.
Fixed filters not allowing apostrophe Fixed key handler crash, now allows underscore in Logistical Sorter interface.Fixed OC being unable to dial to any other dimension.FTB Utilities by FTB ( Added IDrawableObject, many new forms of drawable objects, EnumHorizontalOffset and ps2 original games for EnumRotation.Added localizations for team config options.Added WIP notification on new message in team's chat.
Fixed Commands page not working properly, and overriden command usage not working properly.
Many recipes have been moved over to support the Ore Dictionary.
Added "Great Wall" world type.
Fixed: Hopseed trees not generating.
Prevented another special case/infinite loop for the endergenic generator.
CurseForge, help, register, sign In, details, supported Minecraft.10 Versions.10.2.
Added rabbit and sheep meat to the living matter config for the spawner (needs deleting the config).Fixed a config folder naming issue on Linux Windows.Explode, similar to above, closer range, bigger blast power.Fixed a rendering issue with flat transfer nodes.Fixed drops not working if the DSU doesn't contain any items.When transporting a spawner, the name of the mob is now in the tool tip.