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Microbial biotechnology fundamentals of applied microbiology pdf

microbial biotechnology fundamentals of applied microbiology pdf

Industrial Microbiology An Introduction.
Nicklin,., Graeml-Cook,., Paget, T and Killington,.Farewell: 12th Batch.Tech.Pest control and microorganisms impact on environment.Bacterial growth nutritional types growth curve continuous culture synchronous culture.Multiplication of cyanobacteria and Azolla factor influencing nero burning rom serial growth.Recovery and purification of fermentation products - removal of cell, foams membrane process drying.Outcome (k an ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.Plant Biotechnology, plant Tissue culture, stress related studies, phyotochemicals.
Preparation of biomanures - types.
Mass production of bacterial biofertilizers and VAM. .
Tauro,., Kapoor,.k.
Contributions of Beijerinck, Winogradsky, Fleming and Waksman.Microorganisms in everyday life.Physiological characters of bacteria. .Sterilization principle physical and chemical methods.Microscopy : Principles resolution numerical aperture, magnification-Different types of microscopes-Light microscopes- UV, dark field, phase contrast, fluorescence and electron microscope.