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Mass effect 2 save editor kelly

mass effect 2 save editor kelly

UNC: Asari Diplomacy done.
Recruitment / Loyalty Missions: one piece episode 408 english sub - I got all 12 party members - (Samara Loyalty) I killed Morinth.Wrex convinced to help destroy Sarens base.All N7 mission, all assignments, all upgrades, all captains cabinet items obtained and DLC are completed.Kal 'Reegar survived Talis recruitment mission.(Arrival) Attempted to warn Batarians.Convinced Mordin to keep the genophage cure.Name Alex Shepard Date Added 12:07:14 Gender / Alignment Female Paragon Level / Class 30 Adept Background Earthborn / Sole Survivor Romanced Kelly Collector Base Destroyed Casualties None DLCs Kasumi Zaeed Normandy Crash Site Firewalker Overlord Lair of the Shadow Broker Arrival Download Save File.Fist is alive.
Yes - Did you do some, all or none of the N7 missions?
No, I completely forgotten to!
The Mass Effect 3 Modding Thread at the BW forums.
Major ME1 Stuff: -Because I'm trying to romance Kelly, Liara's picture is still face-up.
Name Kerrigan Shepard Date Added 07:33:58 Gender / Alignment Female Paragon Level / Class 30 Infiltrator Background Earthborn / War Hero Romanced Kelly Collector Base Given to Cerberus Casualties None DLCs (Unknown) Download Save File Additional Info : 100 completed (I think) All Galaxies explored.
Allowed Legion to re-write the heretic Geth with the virus.Additional Info: -Shepard's face was reset to the standard female Shepard look (short red-hair, etc).(Overlord) David saved.Quests: - Did not complete any of the two quests given by Liara as I initiated the Shadow Broker DLC when I first met her.I let the Rachni live in ME1, thus, the Asari messenger was present in Illium.