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main menu cs 1.6

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Thanks everyone for watching!I wanted to have this song on my phone but there was no video with this song so i made one!Edit: Song is called Can't be touched by Body head Bangerz.Counter Strike.6 Trap Music.CS.6 Arab music.Wine works fine with other apps.Counter Strike: Theme Song (1.6 Main Menu).
To my dismay, Wine crashed.
10 Video Game Endings That Were Profoundly Insulting.
I tried uninstalling Steam, erasing the folders and their content, and reinstalling to get the same problem.CS.6 Professional Frag Movie.Delight #1110n th #1077 music guys!After folowwing the howto, I could play online (with a little more lag than under winblows).I stumbled upon linux-games howto installing and running counter-strike.6 via wine.