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Legend of korra welcome to republic city

legend of korra welcome to republic city

Upon docking with the island, where the White Lotus was already waiting for Korra to arrive, his kids enthusiastically greet Korra and ask if she is going to stay.
However, now he realizes that Korra is Aang's legacy and allows her stay in Republic City and commence her airbending training, much to the Avatar's excitement, who proceeds to lift her master and his children into a group hug.When the Triple Threat Triad is threatening.This article is about the episode.Pema subsequently steps off the bison; Tenzin comes over to help, but his wife says she is not helpless, just pregnant.From a cliff, Korra and Naga watch them leave on Oogi; as she follows their departure, her expression changes from sad to determined.In both cases, a young person is leaving, somehow affecting the Avatar, and the elder lets them.Kinderserien wondershare fantashow for windows serial kostenfrei anschauen und viele, online-Spiele der beliebten Nick-Helden spielen.
Credits Written by: Directed by: Starring: Also starring: Additional voices: Special guest star: Production notes Transcript Main article: Transcript:Welcome to Republic City Main article: Transcript:Welcome to Republic City (commentary) Translations Main article: Writing in the World of Avatar Series continuity When Tenzin, Pema, and their.
The Avatar's stay on the island is publicly announced in a press conference in front of Republic City's government hall, during which she states that "Avatar Aang meant for this city to be the center of peace and balance in the world and that she.
Introduction After Aang and his friends brought the Hundred Year War to an end, the Avatar and Fire Lord Zuko transformed the Fire Nation colonies into the United Republic of Nations, a society where benders and nonbenders from all over the world would live together.
When asking for directions to Air Temple Island, the Avatar encounters the Triple Threat Triad as they abuse a phonograph vendor.
However, when Korra asks Naga if she is ready for a swim, her pet, hungry, starts looking for food instead.
Korra suggests returning to Republic City with him to learn the art there, though the White Lotus leader refuses, emphasizing that the city is too hazardous for her and they need to keep her safe while she completes her training as per Aang's instructions.Korra subsequently uses her bending to tunnel a path away from the compound via which she and Naga escape undetected.The leader of the Order informs them about their failed searches in both the Northern and Southern Tribes, arrow season 2 episode 18 to which she answers that they should be happy to know their search has come to an end.A man greets them at the entrance, saying that it is an honor they have come and thanks them.She challenges them, to which the gangsters accept mockingly.