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League schedule maker for mac

league schedule maker for mac

Course Results - Interesting statistics about each course your league plays.
All products come with 1 year of email and phone support.
If your league still prefers the old ESC to the new ESC, the option is there.
We have been delivering superior quality golf software since 1988.You may filter the list below to only display the schedules that match the number of teams in your league.Assign each game with easy drop-down selections.Each league can have up to 6 divisions.That's 28 years of service to golf groups.Bottom line - whatever information you wish can appear on your website.
Option to "lock" a handicap.
The schedule sets the courses to be played for for pc games full version the entire season automatically.
Address labels for laser or inkjet printers.The players love it car racing games for pc full version 2014 because all the league's information is accessible on the Internet.As long as they have a web browser, MS Word, MS Excel, or any program that reads html, they can view the report.Any number of report layouts can be created and saved for later use.Our resident major leaguer, coach, author, and all-around baseball guru, Jack Perconte has written a great article on scouting for parents.Conf # of, div, home away, description, choose.We have an unlimited money-back guarantee on all software products.Handicaps can be calculated to whole or decimal numbers.If you don't think League Manager will award points or handicap the way your league does, give us a call.Simply click on the number of teams below, and let our.Options to manually pair teams and golfers.