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Whatever it is, take a moment to think about it (thoughts are tech!) and then let us know.
In October, strong atmospheric Rossby waves brought additional heat toward the south pole, triggering ice loss in the Ross Sea and Indian Ocean.
The hope is that the steady accumulation of scientific knowledge will help us better predict Antarcticas futureand help humanity prepare for the consequences.Theres no indication this is anything but just natural variability, lead study author John Turner said in a statement.Typically, Antarctic sea ice bottoms out at about.2 million square miles, or 30 more ice.Image: National Snow and Ice Data Center.If you need visual proof that this summer was really weird, just take a look at this graph of the average Antarctic sea ice extent for the month of November: This summers sudden, dramatic melt had scientists scratching their heads for months.It might take a minute to figure it out (what with all the bad things these days but I bet it will be worth.Ah, the forward march of technology!Maybe youve just learned to appreciate a special person in your life a little bit more.
Sea ice concentrations in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica, data accessed July 2nd 2017.
Just about every month, it seems, we get a report on the dismal state of Arctic sea ice.
Theyre made stronger by the fact that other researchers are already replicating them, but more minds and more data could cause the picture to evolve even further.By November, the Weddell Sea was shedding 30,000 square miles of iceroughly the area of South Carolinaeach day.AirDropped a picture of Pepe, frog memeturnedhate symbol.It highlights the fact that the climate of the Antarctic is incredibly variable.The findings are stark: players are roughly twice as likely to get injured sliding head-first rather than leading with their feet.By March 1, the peak of the austral summer, Antarctic sea ice had shrunk to 845,000 square miles (2.1 million square kilometers an all-time low.When in doubt, lead with your feet).Kinja, read more, the study, published in May in The American Journal of Sports city hunter korean drama episode 5 Medicine (and funded in part by Major League Baseball catalogued all major and minor league slides from 2011 to 2015, tracking injuries and subsequent days missed, among other factors.