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Hot wheels stunt track driver pc game

hot wheels stunt track driver pc game

A password is provided to the player after each track is completed.
The different cars have varying abilities with regard to speed, traction, and maneuverability, the last affecting the car's ability to perform stunts.
2, gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded for best times on the supplied tracks.References edit a b c Nix, Marc (January 28, 2000).ISO ripped from my own copy of the game.Graphics are well done and control of the vehicles is simplified dramatically to accommodate young hands.Retrieved December 26, 2014.The bad part is that it doesnt actually feel like driving a car.Six tracks are presented and twelve cars eventually unlocked, each with different stats to give off some semblance of variety.The game is played from a side-view perspective, and includes three gameplay modes: Tournament, Single Race, and Two Player.You steer, accelerate and decelerate through these areas with the mouse or arrow keys while attempting to dodge items like a cat's tail or a barking dog.System Requirements : Pentium 90 Mhz, 16 MB RAM, Windows.
Graphics: The graphics are nicely done and should appeal to the target age group.
A b c Marriott, Scott Alan.
Stunts game the last of us are an integral part of the game, as much as racing against the clock.
The Hot Wheels vehicles are meticulously designed to resemble their real world counterparts and each has strengths and weaknesses that may affect your selection when beginning play.
The game's fifth vehicle is unlocked upon completion of Tournament mode.Archived from the original on November 14, 2014.Being the first in a series of computer releases taking advantage of the Hot Wheels brand name, including Hot Wheels Custom Car Designer, Crash, and Micro Machines, Stunt Track Driver attempts to recreate on the screen the joy many of us experienced as kids racing.The highlight of the title is that you can perform various flips and jump stunts along the way, trying at the same time to achieve the best possible lap time.After all the main tracks are unlocked, a hidden track can be accessed.In Tournament, the player must finish in first place to advance to the next track.Once completed, tracks can be tested immediately and saved for later use or tweaking.Retrieved December 6, 2014.Although the game lacks varying levels of difficulty or the ability to race against human opponents, the lack of those features does not hurt playability, as the excellent graphics and sound effects will keep kids glued to the computer for hours.2, the home owner initially has tracks laid out in a living room, bedroom, attic, spoken english audio tutorial and sandbox.This simple approach to control doesn't allow children to gain access to the new tracks but does permit even the youngest to enjoy the game.It was released in 2000 and was made exclusively for Windows.3, reception edit, reception, the Game Boy Color version was met with average reception, as GameRankings gave it 70 based on only 2 reviews.Crashes may be caused by loss of control, particularly on curves and inaccurate landings after a jump (even when no stunts are attempted, cars tend to twist out of control while aloft.) Crashes may also result from different objects found on the tracks, including other.