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Hibernate spring struts interview questions pdf

hibernate spring struts interview questions pdf

Url property name"username" value"ername property name"password" value"ssword /bean How is validation done using Spring Framework?
Shown in the picture below.
UrlBasedViewResolver" / How do you configure Spring MVC web application to use UTF-8 encoding for handling forms?
bean id"handlerMapping" property name"interceptors" list ref /list /property /bean How do you schedule tasks with Spring?Controller executes the request and returns a view name and a view model object.Below example shows enabling Spring based caching using Annotation.This can be done using Annotation or XML based configuration.Stateful beans are represented in Spring with a prototype scope.Spring Web package provides multipart file-upload functionality.
If you do :- rsist(question Compile time error because rsist return void).
The singleton scope is the default scope in Spring.
More details : m/forum/viewthread?
A Job Launcher can be used to execute a Spring Batch Job.
Implement a method named getKeyMethodMap in the subclass of the.
For example, a ClientService will depend on ClientDO to get the data from database.How do you configure parallel itouch 2nd gen games execution of steps with Spring Batch?Two important AOP concepts are Aspect : Aspect is the concern that we are trying to implement generically.The execute method is used to add the new student record.All requests arrive at the DispatcherServlet (Front Controller) - step 0 in Figure.Spring container can resolve dependencies by looking at the other beans defined in the ApplicationContext.It can write to JMS, jdbc, Hibernate and more.The listStudent action method calls the listStudents on the AddStudentAction class and uses the [email protected] : Remove from cache.How is Springs singleton bean different from Gang of Four Singleton Pattern?