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games like minecraft for

It is a sandbox game created and designed by Markus "Notch" Persson.
In The Blockheads you can explore the vast game world, dig out blocks and cra.
logic, this is an arcade game, in which you must help your Minecraft character to jump over the obstacles, collect gold items to unlock new characters and try to survive as long as possible.
Collect ammo and weapons from the floor, and watch your back.You will have to fight off animals, hunger and other players.Here, simply enter and play everything related to the world of Minecraft.Games Like 7 Days to Die, Games Like ArcheAge, Games Like Ark: Survival Evolved, Games Like Cube World, Games Like EVE Online, Games Like H1Z1, Games Like Minecraft, Games Like Rust, Games Like The Forest, Games Like Trove, Games Like Ultima Online, Games Like.Games Like Cube World, Games Like Minecraft, Games Like Trove User Score.4 (108 nfs underground 2 saved games for pc votes) Ever wondered how you would survive if you crash landed on a strange planet?Games Like Minecraft User Score.2 (13 votes) Kogama offers a social based building experience that can be played within your browser.The game was developed by Scrabosoft and has thousands of downloads on the Xbo.Games Like Cube World, Games Like Minecraft, Games Like No Man's Sky User Score.2 (17 votes) The Kerbal Space Program has you leading your own space program in a sandbox environment.The game takes place in a 2D block based game world and even supports multiplayer.In Blockland you can choose to focus on creating.Games Like Minecraft User Score.9 (21 votes) Craft The World is a sandbox game with strategy elements for PC, Mac and iOS.
The game is still in the midst of development but already looks amazing and has some very unique ideas for the genre.
The game has a very Lego inspired feel to the gameplay and has a steadily growing community of over 50,000 users.
Unleash your creativity in the sandbox mode or fight for your survival in survival mode, the choice is yours.Great mini-games to get resources to crafting objects, create your own skin and a land pixelated.Games Like Minecraft, Games Like Trove User Score.7 (19 votes) Starbound is a side-scrolling game that weaves together creativity, adventure, exploration and action.Games Like Free Realms, Games Like Growtopia, Games Like Minecraft, Games Like Roblox, Games Like Trove, Games Like Wurm Online User Score.5 (42 votes) Stranded 2 is a free to play 3D game that challenges you to survive by yourself on an island.You only need the mouse to play.Block Story was put together by two develop.Enjoy the new edition of Minecraft and destroy your enemies who are avoiding you can cross at the other side.If you enjoy going on exploration adventures in other randomly generated.Pick your favourite character and use your weapon to destroy the bad guys.The game is published by Wildebeest games and has been around for a few years.