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Easy screen recorder no root

easy screen recorder no root

Easy screen recorder NO root, recordable is the easy way to create high quality screen recordings on Android.
Upload videos of your worlds, capture your attacks, make screen recordings for promotional videos, tutorials, screencasts or simply share your finest moments!
Save the downloaded.apk on your android phones SD card.
Run and install it, follow the activation instructions, thats it, Enjoy!Easy screen recorder NO root.9.2.Records your audio and gestures, supports almost all tablets and phones.Easily shares your video online, does not require root, most devices can simply download visual studio 2012 import settings from 2010 an activator app to allow capturing of the screen.Recordable is the screen recorder which: Is simple to install and easy to use.Note: if you use a computer youll need to activate every time you reboot your device.
Other devices will need a Windows, Mac or Linux computer to activate over USB or root.
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