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Dictionary definition of sloppily

dictionary definition of sloppily

The Sun (2013)An employee should be taken to task over sloppy work practices.
His work is sloppy.
That film is rather sloppy.
Definitions, sentences, sentence examples, also Mentioned In, words near sloppily in the dictionary.Times, Sunday Times (2014) Mix it into the dry ingredients with as few stirs as possible to give a wet, sloppy consistency.Christianity Today (2000)We have to stop conceding sloppy, lazy goals.Times, Sunday Times (2011)He's doing ads and talk shows and he's getting sloppy and lazy.Adjust it higher to choose from words that are more complex.Hence, also, slop-shop (1723).Informal words should be reserved for casual, colloquial communication.The water was slopping about in the bucket.Times, Sunday Times (2013) Putting has always been regarded as a weakness, not because he has a poor stroke but because he seemed a little sloppy.Meaning "loose, ill-fitting" is first recorded 1825, influenced by slop "loose outer garment" (1376 which is probably from.Du.
The Sun (2012) Combine the dry ingredients with as few stirs as possible to give a wet, sloppy mixture.
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The Sun (2010)It was still a little sloppy.
The Sun (2009 sources also defended him against accusations that he was sloppy in his language.
Times, Sunday Times (2015)England were obviously the better side but a little too sloppy at times.Adverb adverb, brE BrE/slpli/ ; NAmE NAmE/slpli add to my wordlist jump to other results 1in a way universal file opener mac that shows a lack of care, thought or effort synonym carelessly (2) a sloppily run department 2in clothes that are loose and without much shape She was.Sloppy Joe was originally "loose-fitting sweater worn by girls" (1942 as a name for a kind of spiced hamburger, it is attested from 1961.He was a tall but sloppily built fellow, and after a straight one on the point of his chin I back-twisted him over the iron bed.The Sun (2013)Mix this wet mixture into the dry ingredients with as few stirs as possible to give a wet, sloppy mixture.The Sun (2015)We rejoiced together, embracing one another with sloppy wet hugs after races.The Sun (2015)They were slack, loose and sloppy.Careless and untidy; messy.Sign up today and start improving your vocabulary!The Sun (2008)It was down to the sloppy goals we conceded.Semi-liquid; tending to slop.It was regarded as sloppy and lazy painting.