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" Enter the Void " August 22, 2014 (online) October 9, 2014 (television) 12 38 Korra turns herself over to Zaheer to save the airbenders, who are being held captive by the Red Lotus.
"Best of 2002: Best Game of the Year".
" The Stakeout " August 1, 2014 (online) October 6, 2014 (television) 9 35 After tracking Aiwei to the Misty Palms Oasis, Korra ventures into the Spirit World, where Zaheer distracts her by telling her about the origins of the Red Lotus and their goals.
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" Civil Wars, Part 2 " September 27, During a trial, Senna is the only one released, while all the others are condemned to life imprisonment." Operation Beifong " December 5, 2014 (online) December 19, 2014 (television) 10 49 Opal, Bolin, and Lin travel to Zaofu, where they run into Toph, who tells them the prisoners have been moved out of the city.#xf006.488 Downloads Take Command Take Command ist eine umfangreiche Alternative zur klassischen." Korra Alone " October 10, 2014 (online) November 28, 2014 (television) 2 41 While being haunted by a shadow of herself in the Avatar State, Korra reminisces about the hardships she went through in the course of three years."Asami and Mako Dine" 1:10." Day of the Colossus " December 19, 2014 (online and television) 12 51 Team Avatar narrowly escapes from the destroyed Future Industries factory and devises a plan to take down Kuvira's giant mecha suit." The Aftermath " May 19, Mako and Bolin find new residence at the Sato estate after the attack on the Pro-bending Arena." Out of the Past " June 9, Korra tries to meditate on the visions of Aang's life that have been plaguing here while being confined in an unknown area.