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Counter strike source patch v69

counter strike source patch v69

Fixed "scout" mispelling in config file.
Disabling this can improve compatibility with third-party programs and overlays, but may also affect performance.
Fixed and improved "guns" command.
Fixed a few register corruption bugs.Fixed bug where unloading CS:S DM caused a crash.Add the following line to cstrike/addons/metamod/i: addons/cssdm/bin/cssdm_mm 6)Restart your server.Installation directions: 1)Install Metamod: Source.2)Upload the cssdm folder to cstrike/addons.3)Make sure the cstrike/addons/cssdm/bin folder has the binaries, and cstrikeaddons/cssdm/maps has the map spawn text files.4)Configure cstrike/addons/cssdm/g to your liking.Fixed SourceTV showing player counts for the game server instead of the number of clients connected to the SourceTV server.Source Engine Changes: - Fixed a bug which caused Windows Aero Extensions video option to always be enabled, regardless of setting.
Patch - No-Steam (2011).
Counter - Strike : Source.
69 Patch fixed v2(Non-Steam)2012.1.
Counter - Strike Source.
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