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Clean disk space ubuntu

clean disk space ubuntu

You can see the size of this cache with the command below: sudo du -sh /var/cache/apt, as you can see, I have over 500 Mb of cache storage.
Find / -xdev -type f -size 100M -exec ls -la ; sort -nk 5 find is the find command to search for files, obviously.
Adding the switches -sh s" means "summarize" and again, "h" means " human readable format to run du - sh * at the root volume will produce a cleaner output.
The command discussed in the point 1 removes old Linux kernel.Get rid of packages that are no longer required.Sort -rn will display the largest directories at the top of the list.Sort -nr will display the largest directories at the top of the list The pipe character pipes the results to the head command.Install, you can start by searching in the Ubuntu Software Center and searching for Bleachbit.Free Space with Bleachbit as Root.Head into System Administration Synaptic Package Manager.So its a good practice to clear the thumbnail cache every few months.
This option removes libs and packages that were installed rick riordan syn neptuna pdf automatically to satisfy the dependencies of an installed package.
Note: Replace version with the version of the kernel you want to remove sudo apt-get remove linux-image-version, my recommendation is to keep at least two or preferably three kernels including the latest.
It defaults to keeping en-US packages, but loads a dump terminal style menu that lets you pick the languages / locales you want to keep.
Wrapping up So, you saw puzzle inlay deluxe full a number of ways to clean up Ubuntu system.This can start to add.I am using Ubuntu.04 while writing this tutorial but you can use the same steps for other Ubuntu versions, Linux Mint, elementary OS and other Ubuntu based Linux distributions.If you found large database files and removed them you could produce catastrophic consequences.To see how much space the cached packages are using run: sudo du -sh /var/cache/apt/archives, mine was only using 32MB at the time, but the command freed it up completely.It requires a reboot after being installed to finish the cleanup process.It is recommended that you check for and install all available updates.The pipe character pipes the results to the sort command.Brief: Running out of space on your Linux system?Those four directories at the bottom of the list represent patch sets rolled out every couple of weeks.Check the Drive Space Used by Cached Files.