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Bigg boss 8 episode 34

bigg boss 8 episode 34

In todays episode of Bigg Boss, they chose who they want the next leader to be and also nominated two contestants of their choice to be up for vote for elimination.
Bigg Boss max burkholder interview 2013 Day 33 Promo Episode 34 Vijay Tv Bigg Boss Promo 1 28th July promo.Raiza is quite frustrated about staying in the house.Through-out the episode Oviya is seen irritated, teary eyed and emotional.Aarav and Snehan talk to Oviya and tell her to take it as a task and not take it into the heart.Dhanraj advised him to.Diksha is the only person left seated.Diksha and Siva Balaji discuss this partisan attitude of Mahesh Kathi.Bigg Boss, vijay TV Bigg Boss Tamil TV Show full episode of Bigg Boss 28th July 2017.One person from the loser team has to spread the red carpet for Julie whenever she walks and Julie selects Oviya to do the same, Oviya says that shell do massage, The second person has to do massage for Julie and Ganesh is selected for.She says she doesnt want Oviya in her team.Source 1, source 2, bigg Boss 28th July 2017, episode 34 of Bigg Boss.
Team B comprises Adarsh, Mumaith, Kartheeka, Diksha and Dhanraj.
Siva Balaji provokes Adarsh endlessly to the point of calling him a eunuch.
The day begins with Mahesh Kathi reading out the new task to the inmates in Tuesday's episode.
They are given groceries and are supposed to cook food.Dhanraj badly needs to use the washroom but he cannot get up from his seat as the team would lose if he were to get.Prince, Hari Teja, Archana, Siva Balaji and Kalpana are in team.As a reward, they get a hair-cut done by professionals.Oviya shows vengeance by deliberately pulling the carpet hard whenever Julie stepped.Aarav feels that this time a male will be eliminated as last two times it was females who had gone out.Episode 34, watch Bigg Boss Show in Tamil Tamil reality show Bigg Boss 28-07-17.Later Oviya promises both Aarav and Snehan that she wouldnt hurt Julie again in the task.Watch Previous episode of Bigg Boss.She however, hangs on to her chair and does not vacate.After the row, Archana asks Adarsh not to get upset and compliments him saying he's doing a great job as captain.In Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 34, Big Boss announcement comes with a task and Julie is made the judge.Adarsh tell is team members that Balaji apologised only because.Where 15 contestants live in together sibelius 7 crack number and what they do on a daily basis is shown on TV for the public to see.