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A-10 warthog serial numbers

a-10 warthog serial numbers

Now assigned to 81st thangame unnai thaan song FS and deployed to Afghanistan.
Returned to service Jun 6, 2000.0282 (MSN 632) to amarc as AC0434 Aug 3, 2004.Reported Mar 2005 as being in storage at Weelde.Pilot Lt Col Jeffery Fox (40 from Fall River, Mass) call sign "nail53" honda crv 2003 user manual injured as he ejected, captured as POW and released March.He was released on March.0273 converted to OA-10A 0274 (MSN 624) to amarc as AC0234 Oct 4, 2000.0560 to amarc as FG0268 Oct 28, 1994.Loaned to Italian AF as MM7256.
Summary of August 13, 2017 updates.
Crashed Jan 8, 2002 on approach to Kleine Brogel after engine failure and fire.
Kennedy was killed; his Bombardier/Navigator, Lieutenant.
Pilot ejected but was captured, tortured, and murdered by isis terrorists.
FA-48 arrived at Weelde for storage Apr 20, 2004.
0504 ex 174FW New York ANG preserved as gateguard at Syracuse angb, New York, to gate guard at nyng headquarters, Latham, NY 0505 on display at Tulsa angb, Oklahoma 80-0506/0540 General Dynamics F-16A Block 10D Fighting Falcon MSN 61-227/261.Relisted Apr with Indiana NG in (MSN 70250) for sale by GSA Auctions at Huntsville, AL, Jun 30 2015.To Pakistan AF as 14733.This is known as the.0545 to amarc as FG0242 Oct 7, 1994.0285 (MSN K-014) to amarc as AE0051 Aug 1, (MSN K-015) to amarc as AE0236 Oct 7, 1992.Reported to be at lmtas, Fort Worth, TX 0604 assigned to 159th FS, 125th FW Florida ANG, renamed 159th FS, 125th FW from Jun 1992.